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Our little farmstead is a simple, family operated adventure dedicated to sharing our passion for sustainable living with others.  It is our desire to connect consumers to the roots of agriculture, cultivate a respect for nature, and deliver a most healthy and pure product.


Farming is hard work, but it's happy work.  As we continue to root our children in this family tradition, we endeavor to pass down generational values of faith, integrity, strong work ethic, and fun.  Lots of fun! 


We hope that you enjoy our products and that you'll feel like part of the family.  Thank you for letting us bring a bit of our home into yours.

Meet the Family

Meema, the glue that holds all us goofs together. She has a big job...

We are the very blessed parents of six rambunctious - that is, ambitious children. Together, we are trying to figure out who lost the instruction manual to the kids upon their births. You have to have a permit to drive, you have to have a license to own a dog, but they let just anyone raise children...and we're living proof. All kidding aside, we figure that our number one goal in this parenting biz is not to raise responsible, well-mannered children, but first and foremost, it is just to make sure they survive childhood. Our belief is that once you become a parent, it's all about putting life into perspective. Sure, you may end up at your destination without the diaper bag, without shoes and sweaters, without snacks or clean faces, but the bottom line is that you remembered the kids, and that's what's important.

And this - you guessed it: our ambition! We believe that children are not just tomorrow's future; they are today's now!  We strive to instill in them the value of leadership and teamwork.  These kids bring us so much joy - and character and perspective and understanding.  They truly are the teachers in this family.












The sis, also known as the wood-working queen, is the beauty, brains and brawn behind our wood designs. You can visit her site, The Knotty Bird Company, to see her beautiful display of custom designed and hand-built chicken coops, potting benches, strawberry towers, soap dishes, and more! 

"Mary treasured all these things in her heart and thought about them often."   

Luke 2:19

Baby Nigerian Dwarf
All work and play!
Goat's milk laundry soap.
Kid snuggles
Farm fresh eggs
Breakfast time!
Black Astrolorp
Little joys
Goat meets chicks
Keeping them in line
Delicious, nutritious goat milk.
Egg gathering.
No slackers here!
The Pied Piper
cheep cheep
Farmer Ray
4h PeeWee Showtime
John Deere old timers
Goat milk soap
It's a wonderful life!
Scottish Highlanders
4H Smiles
Chicken crazy
Fresh farmer's cheese
The next generation
Handcrafted soap
Kidding around
Nature's delight
All in a day's work...

© 2015 Rise & Shine Farmstead

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