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The value of a pure honey has been recognized for centuries. When harvested naturally, without treatment, chemicals or pesticides, honey is a natural antioxidant containing amino acids and minerals. 


Research and time-tested results have shown it's ability to boost the immune system, fight disease and treat a range of health problems from coughs and colds to digestion problems, arthritis and allergies.


Our pure honey is completely raw, unprocessed and unfiltered. Because it has not undergone such processing, it contains beneficial nutrients, such as pollens and enzymes. It is harvested within a natural environment in a unique region of Sonora, Mexico, where bees have access to a wide variety of pollen with rich vegetation. This creates honey with an exceptional blend of smooth and creamy, along with textured crystals, which are characteristic of a pure, unprocessed honey.


Try some, and let it speak for itself!

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