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Recycled Eggshells

One of the greatest aspects of chicken farming is that practically every part of the chicken is usable. Whether you are processing meat poultry or raising egg-layers, waste is virtually non-existent. Eggshells are one of those many nifty reusables.

Eggshells are an excellent source of calcium. Rather than purchase oyster shells, or rely solely on them, crushing up your own chickens' eggshells and offering them back in a feeder is a great way to get full use from your eggs. Save money AND assist in healthy egg-laying?? I'm in!

Having a countertop shell collector dish handy is an easy way to store eggshells once they are used. Once full, I like to compact them down with a masher and keep adding. When the dish has reached it's limit, I place them out in the sun to dry out for a day or two. Next, I mash them until they are in peices smaller than a quarter inch. For finer results, they can also be ground up in a food processor. The last step is to add them to the feeder. I use a feeder separate from their regular food as the hens will self-regulate, eating the shells as their systems require.

One last thing to keep in mind: Only feed fresh eggshells from your own hens, back to your chickens. In this way, they will not be exposed to outside bacteria that can acompany store-bought eggs.

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